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Dr. Guynn Shares Leadership Lessons Learned from Working With Dr. Martin Luther King

We are so lucky to have Dr. Charles Guynn, Executive Director of COFFE (Community Outreach for Financial Education), as a founding mentor in the Amplify Indy thought-leadership community. Last week at our Amplify Hope Training for non-profit professionals, he talked about a few lessons he learned about leadership from his ... Read More

Amplify Indy Monthly Networking Experience Sells Out in One Day!

We are proud to announce that the Amplify Indy Monthly Networking Experience has sold out in only a few hours! The anticipation is building as Amplify grows Indy's #1 thought leadership community. We bring together a diverse group of professionals focused on building stronger connections while showering appreciation on ... Read More

How Math Set Me Free: A Journey from China to America with Dr. Pingnan Shi

This is the story of my journey from China to America, and how math set me free. I was trapped. I grew up in a small town in China during the Cultural Revolution (CR). My dad was locked up in a make shift prison because Chairman Mao overthrew the entire Communist Party leadership in a coup. My mom and us five kids were ... Read More