Powerful Influence E3: Levels of Listening

This Powerful Influence podcast is all about the 3 Levels of Listening and was inspired by a parent survey of over 200 people David recently conducted.

David found that the #1 issue parents struggle with is having a more powerful influence on their teens. So he has started this 3 part series designed to help parents overcome this challenge.

While this is extremely valuable information for parents, it is also huge for anyone who craves a stronger relationship with others. It could be your boss, life partner, or the customers you serve. So please take a moment to learn about the 3 levels of listening and see how the levels of listening impacts your relationships. 


Episode 003 – Levels of Listening

1:23 The Most Important Aspect
2:00 Imagine!
2:07 It’s About Posture vs Technique
2:35 Level 1 Listening
3:22 Level 2 Listening
4:38 Imagine!
4:52 Level 3 Listening
6:35 A Questions to Ponder

Great last question! So what do you think, would people say you a good listener? 

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