Amplify Audio Shorts: How to Have Bigger Impact

We hope you enjoy the new Amplify Audio Shorts  series. These are going to be short talks around topics that will have a positive impact on your business and personal life.

Today’s talk is all about having a bigger impact when you are on social media, or in a live event and want to connect with others.



If you want to earn the attention of others, be it on social media or at a live event, focus a lot more on caring about the people you are talking too….focus less on trying to be admired, to be looked at as the smartest person in the room, to feel like you need to fake it until you make it. For the love of everything that is holy just stop….

Power players and influencers want to learn from others. They don’t need, or want, to be the smartest person in the room. Think about someone you truly respect, when you’re around them how do they make you feel? Does that person make you feel stupid? Lazy? Unworthy? Probably not. Instead they find a way to make you feel good about yourself. They pass along knowledge you can use. They make you feel like you can achieve anything.

With that in mind simply stating that you hustle 24/7 is not enough. It’s a great start. Working hard is something to be admired, no question, but add that with being authentic, vulnerable, caring enough to share what you’ve learned with people…and you become unstoppable.

Do you want my attention? Share why you are working so hard. What is it about your mission that touches you, what drives you to sacrifice the things in life that make others so comfortable. Have you always been this way, or was there a defining moment in your life that sparked change? How can I find that burning desire to do something I want? Can you make me feel like anything is possible? Can you offer up a plan so I can find that same passion for my purpose as you have for yours?

You see, sharing that story is a lot more powerful than simply telling everyone how hard you hustle. You can work really hard to stop a ship from sinking in the middle of the ocean with a Dixie cup, but odds are no matter how hard you hustle, you’re going to drown anyway.

So when you are speaking with someone, with the world, think about that moment as an opportunity to make that person feel good about themselves, to have fun, and to share information you’ve learned with them. Give them a gift that allows your audience to act on something.

Maybe it is even you asking them for help with what you are doing? You could be their spark… could be the one that helps them overcome fears, self-doubt….the one who give them the courage to want to fight their depression, to get off the coach and go for a walk, to start back on the path to higher education, or event to start a business……how cool is that? Much more powerful than a meme with your face and hashtag hustle, yes?

Inspiration is great, don’t get me wrong on that front, but it’s next level to educate. Think about it like this…..inspiration is fleeting. It’s a fast acting dopamine hit that gets you all fired up, but just doesn’t last very long. Education is forever man…it is a plan we can start executing right now….and it can even be passed along to others.

Share that knowledge.

Harrison Painter is the Founder/CEO of Amplify Indy and serves as Marketing/Communication Committee Chairman to non-profit COFFE (Community Outreach for Financial Education). He is a U.S. Navy veteran and Google Certified marketing professional who has had two of his marketing companies acquired, one privately and one publicly.

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