Amplify Hope Program

Amplify Indy has partnered with Collaborate 317 and COFFE (Community Outreach for Financial Education) to create the Amplify Hope Program Challenge, an incubator for social entrepreneurs and emerging non-profits. We have put together a $240K package of space, training, and resources to help these passionate leaders change the world. Applications are now closed for the 2018 cohort, but we will open up the application process for 2019 cohort in late summer/early fall. 

The Amplify Hope Program is a 10 month program led by 4+ mentors that offers weekly trainings, bi-weekly mastermind sessions, monthly accountability groups, 9 challenges, a large competitive fundraiser event, and it caps off with the Amplify Awards event on October 20, 2018.

This program was inspired by our success with The Hope Center Indy, the largest facility in the United States that houses young women rescued from sex and human trafficking. Check out the video below of Harrison Painter, Amplify Indy Founder, sharing the details of the program.


You can apply for the Amplify Hope Program by CLICKING HERE.

You can donate to the Amplify Hope Program through our 501(c)3 COFFE via PayPal by clicking the image below.


Who is Amplify Indy?

Amplify Indy is a veteran-owned marketing agency, event experience, and leadership training company focused on personal, professional, and business development.

2017 Accomplishments:

  • Amplify Music Fest at the Speakeasy supporting Indiana Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (May)
  • Amplify Hope Event raised over $31,000 for the Hope Center Indy (Aug)
  • Amplify Hope Program Challenge hosted at Collaborate 317, an incubator for social entrepreneurs and emerging non-profits (Oct) 
  • Amplify Bitcoin Forums, a gathering to train and discuss Bitcoin and Blockchain tech (Dec)

Coming in 2018

  • Amplify Vets Program, an incubator for veteran-owned startups
  • Amplify Young Leaders Program – Series of trainings on entrepreneurship for students
  • Amplify Music Fest 2018 – In partnership with DK New Media

Who is Collaborate 317

Collaborate 317 is a veteran-owned co-working space for professionals that provides business coaching and development, networking events, and collaborative resources to help grow your business.

You can apply for the program on the Collaborate 317 website.

Who is COFFE?

COFFE (Community Outreach for Financial Education) was created to spread financial literacy in local communities. COFFE offers over 40 hours of classes with educators based all over the country. All of the classes are free of charge and free of expectations. COFFE believes that the “Education without Expectation” approach can provide communities with the knowledge and educational tools needed to enrich lives and impact financial well-being.