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Amplify Podcast E5: American Bombshell

Amplify Musicfest headliner, and Grammy Amplifier Award winner, American Bombshell joins us in the DK New Media studio for a little mayhem.  Tune in as the hardest rocking band in the Midwest shares how the band was formed, winning the Grammy Amplifier Award, playing the Whisky on the Sunset Strip, drinking Lemmy's at ... Read More

Amplify Podcast E4: Westfield Edition with Jack Russell

This are excited to announce that we will be recording a special Westfield Edition of our Amplify Indy podcast every month. The podcast with be hosted by Amplify founder Harrison Painter and Westfield Chamber of Commerce President Jack Russell.  This special podcast will be focused around the growth in Westfield and ... Read More

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Amplifies South Bend with Mark Zuckerberg!

This is just too cool of a story not to share, and it's cool to see NW Indiana getting some love. The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is traveling around the country on a personal challenge to learn more about how people are living, the way communities are working, and what challenges people are facing. He recently ... Read More

New Downtown Indy, Inc. Video is Awesome!

We love it here. Our main office is located in downtown Indy, and the Amplify Indy collaborative team really loves working, growing, and playing in the circle city. Indianapolis has come a long way over the last decade. We have always been looked upon as an amazing sports town, but people across the country are really starting ... Read More

Amplify Podcast E3: David Roux & Lindsay Boccardo

This is an episode you do not want to miss! Enjoy two inspiring conversations with David Roux and Lindsay Boccardo discussing millennials, parenting, and leadership...and an interesting discussion on how to get a job too! David Roux - Academic Life Couch Learn more about how David Roux is making a difference working with ... Read More

Fabric Care Center – Amplify Musicfest Sponsor Spotlight:

The great folks at Fabric Care Center have joined us on our quest to fight cancer with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Indiana at the Amplify Musicfest! (*Get Tix Here*) We are very honored to have them as part of the festivities, and look forward to their family, friends, employees, and customers coming out for a great ... Read More

Amplify Musicfest PA Sponsor: Thank You Marketpath!

A huge THANK YOU to the great folks at Marketpath. They have signed on to Amplify Musicfest as our PA sponsor. This means the bands will sound incredible, and hopefully American Bombshell will not blow up their rig! We are so grateful to Mark Zentz (founder/CEO) and his team for helping make this fundraiser for the Leukemia and ... Read More

Amplify Musicfest Special Offer from Lifeline Data Centers!

Check out this great offer!!! The first 200 folks that register for the Amplify Musicfest and buy a beer get a beautiful pint glass from either Lifeline Data Centers or their new "Top Secret" Cloud hosting service, Red Rack! You're going to hear a lot about RedRack in coming months as Lifeline is making history with this ... Read More

Amplify Podcast E2: Daniel Lusk and Exemplar Construction

In this episode we have a great conversation with Indianapolis based magician Daniel Lusk. He talks about his love of magic, a passion to help kids put an end to bullying, and his faith. You can also get a teaser of his magic in the video below too! Our second guest on the show this week are Exemplar Construction founders ... Read More

Amplify Podcast E1: Slow the Sun

Welcome to the first Amplify Podcast! In this inaugural episode your humble host Harrison Painter sits down for a discussion with the Indianapolis based musical duo known as Slow the Sun. Singer-songwriters Isaac Pellerin and Adam Cox talk about their music, creativity, and inspiration around music. Slow the Sun will be ... Read More