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Amplify Podcast: eX Summit Founder Stephan Vincent

Amplify Indy is proud to be a community partner of eX summit Indy 2017!  Enjoy our newest podcast as Harrison Painter and the founder of eX Summit Indy, Stephan Vincent, talk about what the employee experience is, how it can benefit your company, and the 3 types of employee you might have. If you are interested in ... Read More

Amplify Audio Shorts: Breaking the Habit of Excuses

We hope you enjoy the new Amplify Audio Shorts  series. These are going to be short talks around topics that will have a positive impact on your business and personal life. Today's show covers how to break the habit of making excuses and was inspired by the two quotes below: “99% of the failures come from people who ... Read More

Amplify Indy Podcast: Appian Media – Craig Dehut and Stuart Peck

Enjoy a conversation with 1 Million Cups Indianapolis presenters Stuart Peck and Craig Dehut as they share their mission to create quality video, photography, and study material of the lands of the Bible. The Appian Media team is an amazing group of video producers and cinematographers who want you to experience Biblical ... Read More

inX3 Recap: Thank You Amplify Live Street Team!

Hello everyone. My name is Harrison Painter, the founder of Amplify Indy, and I wanted to take a moment to share with you what the Amplify Live Street Team accomplished this year at inX3.  If you are not familiar with the inX3 event, it is the largest regional gathering of startups, investors, and venture capitalists in ... Read More

First Amplify Council of 100 Meeting…WOW!

The first Amplify Council of 100 meeting was held last week, and it was a really powerful afternoon filled with incredible conversation.  What is the Amplify Council of 100? The Amplify Council of 100 is a group of selfless business leaders meeting every week to focus on building stronger relationships, celebrating even ... Read More

Amplify Indy Podcast: InX3 Co-Founder Kara Kavensky

Amplify Indy announced last week that we are a proud media sponsor of InX3, a conference happening right here in Indianapolis the week of June 13-17. Why are we promoting InX3? Find out as we bring in the event's co-founder Kara Kavensky for a passionate conversational podcast around the growing Indiana startup, investme... Read More

Amplify Podcast: Charles Guynn – COFFE

This podcast conversation was really special. Listen in as Harrison Painter and Josh Bach host a POWERFUL conversation with local treasure Charles Guynn. Charles is the Executive Director of Community Outreach for Financial Education (COFFE) and an amazing treasure here in Central Indiana. He is the eldest of 22 children, ... Read More

Amplify Indy is a Proud Media Sponsor of InX3

We are excited to announce that Amplify Indy is now a proud media sponsor of InX3! This week-long event taking place on June 13-17 is the largest gathering of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and investors in the region. The Amplify team will be hosting a multitude of podcast conversations and facebook live interviews ... Read More

Amplify Podcast: Lisa Mitchell – The People Reader

In this episode Harrison Painter talks with body language expert Lisa Mitchell about the perfect handshake, when hugging is acceptable in a business setting, and a whole lot more. By understanding and mastering the power of body language and non verbal cues, you can communicate with greater confidence and have greater influence ... Read More

Amplify Podcast: American Bombshell

Amplify Musicfest headliner, and Grammy Amplifier Award winner, American Bombshell joins us in the DK New Media studio for a little mayhem.  Tune in as the hardest rocking band in the Midwest shares how the band was formed, winning the Grammy Amplifier Award, playing the Whisky on the Sunset Strip, drinking Lemmy's at ... Read More