Powerful Influence E3: Levels of Listening

This Powerful Influence podcast is all about the 3 Levels of Listening and was inspired by a parent survey of over 200 people David recently conducted. David found that the #1 issue parents struggle with is having a more powerful influence on their teens. So he has started this 3 part series designed to help parents overcome this ... Read More

Amplify Podcast E12: ESLO Shoes Founder Ryan Eldridge

Enjoy our newest Amplify Podcast 1 Million Cups Edition with the founder of ESLO Shoes, Ryan Eldridge.  ESLO harnesses 50+ years of authentic shoe crafting experience to provide your children with shoes and boots that support and nurture their growing feet while simultaneously being modern, sleek, and stylish. In 1965, our ... Read More

People Reader Podcast with Lisa Mitchell: Thaddeus Rex talks Science of Charisma

Today is all about charisma on the People Reader Podcast with Lisa Mitchell as she welcomes branding expert Thaddeus Rex into the studio. Thaddeus Rex has been compared to both Dale Carnegie and David Bowie. He has also had the honor of being called “part Monty Python, part Dr. Seuss” by the Washington Post. He is an expert in brand ... Read More

Powerful Influence E2: Parent Survey Findings and the Funnel

In the second installment of the Powerful Influence Podcast David Roux talks about a parent survey he conducted with around 200 people asking where they needed the most help in parenting their teenagers. David quickly discovered that the most important need was around how a parent can have a more powerful influence on their teen. Listen ... Read More

eX Summit Indy

Amplify Podcast E11: eX Summit Founder Stephan Vincent

Amplify Indy is proud to be a community partner of eX summit Indy 2017!  Enjoy our newest podcast as Harrison Painter and the founder of eX Summit Indy, Stephan Vincent, talk about what the employee experience is, how it can benefit your company, and the 3 types of employee you might have. If you are interested in improving the ... Read More

Amplify Audio Shorts: Breaking the Habit of Excuses

We hope you enjoy the new Amplify Audio Shorts  series. These are going to be short talks around topics that will have a positive impact on your business and personal life. Today's show covers how to break the habit of making excuses and was inspired by the two quotes below: “99% of the failures come from people who have the habit ... Read More

People Reader Podcast with Lisa Mitchell: How Managing Your First Impression Can Make Or Lose You Money

We are excited to share the People Reader Podcast with Lisa Mitchell here on Amplify Indy! Lisa's mission is to help millennial women figure out how to crack the code in business, and in life. She is a certified body language trainer and featured communications expert featured on numerous media outlets and provides commentary and analysis on ... Read More

Powerful Influence E1

Powerful Influence Podcast E1 – Introduction to David Roux

We are excited to announce that David Roux has joined the Amplify Indy family to head our leadership development initiatives with high school students, colleges, and corporations! Here is his Powerful Influence Podcast offering a brief introduction to what Dave is all about. He is an academic life coach that helps young people take ownership ... Read More

Appian Media

Amplify Podcast E10: Appian Media – Craig Dehut and Stuart Peck

Enjoy a conversation with 1 Million Cups Indianapolis presenters Stuart Peck and Craig Dehut as they share their mission to create quality video, photography, and study material of the lands of the Bible. The Appian Media team is an amazing group of video producers and cinematographers who want you to experience Biblical stories in ways that ... Read More

inX3 Amplify Indy Live

inX3 Recap: Thank You Amplify Live Street Team!

Hello everyone. My name is Harrison Painter, the founder of Amplify Indy, and I wanted to take a moment to share with you what the Amplify Live Street Team accomplished this year at inX3.  If you are not familiar with the inX3 event, it is the largest regional gathering of startups, investors, and venture capitalists in the region. It ... Read More