Thoughts on a Presidential Tweet about Amazon and the United States Post Office

The Amazon/Post Office issue is interesting on multiple levels to us. This story involves massive market disruption, the evolution of technology, the strong force of capitalism, the tweet of a President, 9,000 Amazon employees in Indiana, and over 12,000 postal employees in Indiana. This post is not meant to be political. It's about looking ... Read More

Guest Trainer Spotlight: Neal Phalora – The Brain Warrior

We were honored to have multipreneuer Neal Phalora join our Amplify Hope family as a guest trainer last week. Mr. Phalora always brings the positive energy, and did not disappoint as he brought the house down with his powerful training session.  Neal is the founder of The Brain Warrior, a corporate coaching program focused on increa... Read More

Michael O’Neal – Learn How to be a Great Interviewer

Amplify Indy Founder Harrison Painter is honored to officially be a cohost of the Angles of Lattitudes Podcast with JC Preston after being interviewed in AoL E117.  For their first episode together, which is actually AoL E119, they had a great conversation about becoming a better interviewer with their guest, and fellow podcaster, ... Read More

Lean Model Canvas Training for Nonprofits

In week 12 of the Amplify Hope Program we launched a Lean Model Canvas Training for Nonprofits to our members, and the reviews were fantastic. (*see comments in photo below.) We are witnessing an exciting paradigm shift, and the Amplify family is committed to leading the charge of social impact in central Indiana through nonpro... Read More


You do not want to miss  interactive event "Raising Awareness Thru Conversation & Empathy (R.A.C.E.) hosted by Amplify Hope Program member George Middleton. Race relations are at a tipping point in America, and we need to start having serious and respectful conversations around the challenges our country is facing. Solving ... Read More

Amplify Vets Program UPDATE: Spouses can Apply Too!

Dear Veterans, We are proud to announce that we are also accepting spouses of active duty and military veterans into the Amplify Vets Program!  If you are a veteran (or spouse of active duty or veteran) in the Indianapolis, IN area and would like to be part of a new and innovative startup training, please take a look at this sneak ... Read More

Down But Not Out Foundation Selected for Amplify Hope Program

We are excited to announce our newest member of the Amplify Hope Program powered by COFFEE at Collaborate 317 is Huey Snow and the Down But Not Out Foundation. You can learn more via the Team Underdog website. For those of you not familiar with the Amplify Hope Program, it is an incubator for emerging non-profits that offers a ... Read More

Dr. Pingnan Shi Speaking at #SparksTalk on Futurism

Come out and meet Amplify Indy Co-Founder Dr. Pingnan Shi at Sparks on Wednesday March 14, 2018 at 5pm. The theme is futurism, and Dr. Shi will be talking about cryptocurrency and the future of Blockchain technology. He will be joined by Indy tech leader John McDonald, CEO of Clear Object, who will be sharing his expertise on the IoT (Inter... Read More

Women Entrepreneurs of America Selected for Amplify Hope Program

We are proud to announce another member of the Amplify Hope Program at Collaborate 317; Women Entrepreneurs of America! For those of you not familiar with the Amplify Hope Program, it is an incubator for emerging non-profits that offers a place to share ideas and resources in a centralized think tank to optimize positive social impact in ... Read More

Amplify Indy Welcomes Dr. Pingnan Shi as Co-Founder and Chief Disruption Officer

We are honored and humbled to announce that Dr. Pingnan Shi has accepted our offer to become Amplify Indy Co-Founder and serve as Chief Disruption Officer. Dr. Shi will be leading our Amplify Blockchain development team launching in summer 2018 (More info coming soon) and the Amplify Youth Program launching in spring 2019. Our youth ... Read More