Dr. Pingnan Shi Speaking at #SparksTalk on Futurism

Come out and meet Amplify Indy Co-Founder Dr. Pingnan Shi at Sparks on Wednesday March 14, 2018 at 5pm. The theme is futurism, and Dr. Shi will be talking about cryptocurrency and the future of Blockchain technology. He will be joined by Indy tech leader John McDonald, CEO of Clear Object, who will be sharing his expertise on the IoT (Inter... Read More

Startup Founder Confidence is Key

If you are the founder of a startup, be it a non-profit or for-profit,  you must have absolute confidence that your product or service will succeed. Period. Startup founder confidence is key. It is not about hoping and praying for success, but more just knowing success is going to happen.  When pitching to investors, potential ... Read More