Amplify Indy Podcast: Marian University’s SHALOM & Sterling Shown of Ice Miller LLP

On this edition of the Amplify Indy Podcast we are speaking with Conner Miller and Andrew Albertson. Two Marian University Indianapolis students who are part of SHALOM (Students Helping and Loving Outreach Ministries. They create hygiene kits for the homeless. In our second segment we enjoy a conversation with Sterling Shown, an Indy attorney ... Read More

Amplify Indy Podcast: Suzanne Schafer

Join us as we celebrate the Empowered Women of Indy by enjoying a wonderful conversation with Suzanne Schafer. She is a veteran in entrepreneurship, and has founded multiple successful businesses in central Indiana. We talk about the pressures girls and women face in our society due to social media, gender inequality in the male dominated ... Read More

Amplify Indy Podcast: Kristen Olsen

Enjoy our Amplify Indy LIVE podcast conversation with Kristen Olsen as we spotlight some of Indy's Most Empowered Women over the next few weeks. Kristen shares how her life changed from a pregnant cross country car ride to becoming a successful Real Estate Broker/Owner of The Infinity Group Realtors. She is a loving mom, strong ... Read More

Amplify Indy Podcast: April Yvette

Enjoy our Amplify Indy LIVE podcast conversation with April Yvette as we spotlight some of Indy's Most Empowered Women over the next few weeks. April shares her powerful story of being a broke single mom who worked hard to beat the odds and become successful. She has since dedicated her life to helping others achieve their ... Read More

Amplify Indy Podcast: Josh Falcón, Demetrice Bruno, and Dr. Ping

This week's Amplfy Indy Podcast features the great Josh Falcón ( Founder of Liveish), Demetrice Bruno (Founder of Redemption Outreach Services), and Dr. Pingnan Shi (Founder of Poema Entrepreneurship Academy).  Audio Podcast Video Podcast What is Liveish? Liveish aims to define your brand into the noun of your industry. With so ... Read More

Amplify Indy Podcast: Lauren Ditchley and Kristian Aleixo

Season 2 of the Amplify Indy Podcast is finally here!!! Enjoy our interview with Broad Ripple artist Lauren Ditchley as she talks about the Harrison Center for the Arts and hosting porch parties. She is a mother. She is an artist. She is a teacher.  “I aim to create compositions that are simple. The subjects that most ... Read More

Chris Schwab – Local Business Outsourcing: How Virtual Assistants Can Make an Impact in Your Local Business (AoL 127)

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/473901213" params="color=ff5500" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /] Starting a business comes natural to many people. You see a need and you deliver a solution. Suddenly, you have a business. Many small busine... Read More

AJ Wilcox – Get Yourself Noticed by the Right People – Why LinkedIn Lead Generation Might be Perfect for Your Business (AoL 126)

When many of us online business folks think of running an ad campaign, we immediately think of Facebook. However, that market is totally saturated and it might not be the greatest fit for your business – especially if your customers are other businesses. If you think that might be the case, today’s guest, AJ Wilcox, might just be ... Read More

Michael O’Neal – Learn How to be a Great Interviewer

Amplify Indy Founder Harrison Painter is honored to officially be a cohost of the Angles of Lattitudes Podcast with JC Preston after being interviewed in AoL E117.  For their first episode together, which is actually AoL E119, they had a great conversation about becoming a better interviewer with their guest, and fellow podcaster, ... Read More

Harrison Painter Interviewed on Angles of Lattitude Podcast

Having a business is one thing, but starting one that’s on a mission to make an impact in your community is something else. Especially one that focuses on creating Massive Positive Social Impact. What does that mean exactly? Well imagine if your sole focus of your business is to amplify purpose driven entrepreneurs, creato... Read More