COFFE – 501(c)3 (Community Outreach for Financial Education)

COFFE is the official non-profit partner of Amplify Indy. COFFE (Community Outreach for Financial Education) is an educational platform that offers help in financial and business stability. COFFE has an array of programming ranging from financial literacy for individuals and families, to sustainable needs for non-profit and for-profit entities. 

Current COFFE 2018 Programming:

COFFE Financial Literacy Training

COFFE offers over a dozen classes to the public with one simple goal…financial literacy. All of our classes are offered free of charge and can be found in your local library, town meeting room, and churches.

  • Get out of debt in 9 years
  • Maximize Social Security
  • Identity theft
  • Building your credit
  • College planning
  • Estate planning
  • Business banking
  • Understanding Medicare

Amplify Hope Program

COFFE has partnered with Amplify Indy and Collaborate 317 to create a program unlike anything available in the country. The Amplify Hope program is an incubator for social entrepreneurs and emerging non-profits. This initiative offers an incredible package of space, training, resources, and a community that are helping these passionate leaders change the world. 

  • 4+ mentors
  • 10 months
  • Bi-monthly masterminds
  • Monthly accountability groups
  • Weekly trainings including compliance, budgeting, sustainability, marketing, leadership, and more.
  • Monthly challenges
  • Competitive fundraisers
  • Award opportuntites

Amplify Vets Program

(Coming Spring 2018)

A partnership between COFFE and Amplify Indy to provide a startup incubator for military veteran-owned for-profit businesses. This program was inspired by the strong demand for our Amplify Hope Program, an incubator for emerging non-profits, and is a way of saying “THANK YOU” to our brothers and sisters who have so bravely served.

Amplify Youth Program

(Coming Spring 2019)

Another partnership between COFFE and Amplify Indy to provide training for our future young leaders in entrepreneurialism, financial literacy, communication, and leadership. This program will be led by Dr. Pingnan Shi. 



Charles Guynn
Executive Director


Charles worked directly with Dr. Martin Luther King and Andrew J. Brown. He also served as founding board member, treasurer, and President to Indy Black Expo for 17 years. Charles entire career in non-profits spans over 40 years and his experience is second to none in the industry.

As the CEO, Chairman, and co-founder of COFFE, Josh leads the organization with a sincere passion for financial literacy and sustainability. He is fueled by a bold mission to spread this passion to every community throughout the country. For more than 15 years, Josh has been a trusted leader in the insurance, real estate and mortgage industries, giving hundreds of free classes to help people learn about various financial topics.

Josh Bach

Luke Keay
Director of Programming

Luke is a graduate of Ball State University. He is a professional grant writer,head trainer of the Amplify Hope Program, and serves as Director of Programming for COFFE. His focus is to change the countries mindset on finances and he is fully committed to creating massive positive social impact in the communities he serves.


  • Josh Bach (Chairman)
  • Dave Bego 
  • Bruce Ford
  • Roderick Morgan
  • Heather Moore
  • Phil Schuman
  • Hubert Nolan
  • Richard Samuels
  • Yohan Caldwell


  • Luke Keay  (Grants and Programming)
  • Harrison Painter (Marketing & Communications)