New Downtown Indy, Inc. Video is Awesome!

We love it here. Our main office is located in downtown Indy, and the Amplify Indy collaborative team really loves working, growing, and playing in the circle city. Indianapolis has come a long way over the last decade. We have always been looked upon as an amazing sports town, but people across the country are really starting to take notice of the arts, food, music, startup, and tech culture that is flourishing around our great state.

That downtown Indy experience we love so much has now been captured by the amazing folks at Downtown Indy, Inc and the talented video production team at Train 918. Check out this video following the lives of 4 people living, and working, in downtown Indianapolis.

About Downtown Indy, Inc.

Downtown Indy, Inc. is action-oriented and empowered to address critical issues that affect the growth, well-being and user-friendliness of Downtown Indianapolis. It is the only non-profit organization charged with developing, managing, activating and marketing Downtown to make it a better place to work, live, learn and play.

About Train 918

Train 918 is quickly becoming one of the most in demand visual production companies in the Midwest. Video is the future, and this talented team is at the forefront of helping brands tell their stories in a creative way that is both informative and entertaining.


Behind the Scenes Photos

Harrison Painter is the Founder/CEO of Amplify Indy and serves as Marketing/Communication Committee Chairman to non-profit COFFE (Community Outreach for Financial Education). He is a U.S. Navy veteran and Google Certified marketing professional who has had two of his marketing companies acquired, one privately and one publicly.

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