Amplify Podcast E12: ESLO Shoes Founder Ryan Eldridge

Enjoy our newest Amplify Podcast 1 Million Cups Edition with the founder of ESLO Shoes, Ryan Eldridge. 

ESLO harnesses 50+ years of authentic shoe crafting experience to provide your children with shoes and boots that support and nurture their growing feet while simultaneously being modern, sleek, and stylish.

In 1965, our founder’s grandfather started this journey in the small town of Jesus Maria, Mexico. Back then, men migrated for jobs, and women weren’t allowed to work. However, he advocated on their behalf and strove for workplace equality. Thanks to his perseverance, these women soon became the ones helping him build the foundation for the company you see today; one defined by equality, family, and passion.

ESLO seeks to become a new branch in the family’s generational journey by providing you with footwear that has been imbued with decades of research, drive, love, and experience.

For more information about ESLO shoes please visit their website here

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