Dear Investors,

Amplify Indy is not seeking capital quite yet, but our investor deck will be available by early fall.

Why would we not accept your investment at this time? Because Amplify Indy is on a mission to help the Hope Center Indy, and we do not want to take any focus away from this great event happening on August 17th called Amplify Hope.

The team is locked in on sponsorship commitments, donations, and media coverage with a goal of raising enough money to get the Hope Center fully open and operational so they can start changing lives NOW for the girls rescued from sex and human trafficking. This is the most important thing to us at this time. 

 We will be starting outreach after we successfully execute on this fundraiser and sharing more of the mission and vision with the investor community of Indiana and beyond. 

We are excited to meet with all of you soon, and are very humbled by the interest and support we have received since our launch only a few short months ago! Thank you.


Harrison Painter
Amplify Indy

Harrison Painter