Michael O’Neal – Learn How to be a Great Interviewer

Amplify Indy Founder Harrison Painter is honored to officially be a cohost of the Angles of Lattitudes Podcast with JC Preston after being interviewed in AoL E117

For their first episode together, which is actually AoL E119, they had a great conversation about becoming a better interviewer with their guest, and fellow podcaster, Michael O’Neal.

According to Michael O’Neal, when he first started the Solopreneur Podcast, he wasn’t sure how to help people get better at interviews. It was just something he was naturally good at. But, over time, he’s been able to deconstruct his ability and help hundreds of interviewers get better at their craft.

In this session, we’ll learn how Michael got started in podcasting, a dream season with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and what someone can expect from his course “The Art of the Interview”.

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Harrison Painter is the Founder/CEO of Amplify Indy and serves as Marketing/Communication Committee Chairman to non-profit COFFE (Community Outreach for Financial Education). He is a U.S. Navy veteran and Google Certified marketing professional who has had two of his marketing companies acquired, one privately and one publicly.

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