Powerful Influence E4: Asking Questions

In this edition of the Powerful Influence podcast David Roux shares the importance of asking questions. This is part 2 of 3 in our series about how parents can be a good coach and have a more powerful influence on their teens.

The right questions help spark things in other people that they might not have thought about before. David talks about the importance of asking questions based on level 2 listening and other types of questions you should ask.

Sounds interesting right? Listen in to learn more!

Episode 4 – Asking Questions

0:53  What Makes A Great Friend
1:46  Simple Questions Are Tools
2:12  For Your Teen’s Sake, Not Yours
3:05  “Question” Words and Open-Ended Are Key
3:54  Short Questions Work
4:58  Silence is Golden
7:05  Caution

What a great episode! Hopefully these tips will help you build a stronger connection by simply asking some of the right questions. If you find this information valuable, please make sure to subscribe and share! 

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