Lisa Mitchell: Enjoying Success with Ryan Ahlwardt

I met Ryan Ahlwardt serendipitously over a decade ago and am so happy to have been on this journey with him. Join us for this inspirational podcast as we talk about performance, leadership, success building, money making, and so much more. Enjoy!

About Ryan Ahlwardt

  • Served as arranger, featured lead tenor soloist, songwriter in internationally renowned 10-man a cappella group (Atlantic Records).
  • Executed a production budget of $15K for 2014 album “You Are With Me” of original songs, resulting in 3K physical copies sold.
  • Gives back to the community serving as the Area Director of Young Life, an incredible faith based youth organization.
  • Co-host of Radio Theology on 99.5 WZPL in Indianapolis and the Born To Be podcast w/Pastor Daron Earlewine.

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