Amplify Indy is offering sponsorship packages unlike anything currently in the marketplace today. We are a marketing experience company focused on personal, professional, and business development. We offer innovative programming designed to create massive positive social impact in the communities of Central Indiana. We have a world class team of creatives, academics, and business professionals that can craft custom solutions into a package that generates a maximum return on your investment with us.

We also offer the option of sponsorships in our Amplify Hope Program that are a tax deductible donation through our 501(c)(3) COFFE (Community Outreach for Financial Educaiton).

Our mission is to amplify your company and connect your brand with the right audience through visual content, digital engagement, trainings, and live events that bring together the people you want to serve. We are committed to, regardless of your companies size, a sponsorship experience that creates massive value for your brand. If you are serious about achieving growth, Amplify can help you get there.

We are only looking for companies that share in the 10 values below.

10 values we look for in our sponsors:

  • Accountable to Customers
  • Committed to Employee Experience
  • Focused on Positive Impact
  • Love of Community
  • Willingness to Collaborate
  • Striving for Innovation
  • Open to Learning
  • Desire to be the Best
  • Humility
  • Passionate about Moving Indy Forward

Amplify Indy is committed to always give back to the communities we love, so a portion of all sponsorships go towards supporting local causes. Amplify is 100% committed to leading by example and working hard to make a difference in central Indiana. We hope you will join us on this quest.