Building a Culture of Possibilities

Amplify Indy is an innovative media company that works with people, businesses, and purpose driven organizations to become the best version of themselves.

We offer personal, professional, and business development training experiences designed for nonprofit professionals, social entrepreneurs, and local business leaders on maximizing social good by embracing a bolder vision and relentlessly pursuing ways to make that vision a reality.

Our community offers the wisdom and accountability necessary for passionate people to earn a living through their passions while making massive positive social impact on the communities they serve.

Our 2018 Accomplishments:

  • Launched Amplify Hope Program

  • Launched Amplify Indy Monthly Experience

  • Launched Amplify Indy Mastermind Forums

  • Launched Amplify Indy Consulting

  • Launched Season 2 of the Amplify Indy Podcast

  • Launched COFFE Financial Literacy Program for Sex & Human Trafficking Survivors

  • Launched Poema Entrepreneurship Academy

Oh, and if you want to hear the story about the Pink Elephant that inspired the Amplify Indy vision make sure to ask Harrison the next time you see him.


Harrison Painter

Harrison Painter
Founder & CEO

Harrison Painter is a servant leader on a mission to help people, companies, and cause-driven organizations become the best version of themselves. He is a Desert Storm U.S. Navy veteran and Google Certified Marketing Professional who has had two of his companies acquired, one privately and one publicly. Harrison is currently Founder & CEO of Amplify Indy, a strategic advisor to COFFE (Community Outreach for Financial Education), serves on the board of Poema Entrepreneurship Academy, and is relentlessly pursing a bolder vision for maximizing social good and conscious capitalism in the Indianapolis marketplace.

Harrison Painter

Josh Bach
Co-Founder & Chief Relationship Officer

Josh Bach is the CEO, Chairman, and Founder of COFFE: Community Outreach for Financial Education, a 501(c)(3) organization located in Indianapolis, IN. Bach leads an Amplify Indy and COFFE collaboration that allows us to provide the Amplify Hope Program initiative as a nonprofit offering. He leads this partnership with a sincere passion for helping all people achieve financial literacy and sustainability. Josh recently launched the COFFE Financial Literacy Program for Sex & Human Trafficking Survivors in partnership with the Hope Center Indy.