Are You Grounded?

You have completed your pilot’s training and are ready to take to the sky, but instead of flying, you choose to keep the airplane on the ground and slowly taxi (drive) it to your destination.  You are still a pilot, you are using a plane, but you are not taking full advantage of the full benefit of the capability and opportunity that’s available to you. Many people are actually like a ground-bound pilot.  They have the knowledge, skills, gifts, and talents, to fly towards their success goals, but allow their self-imposed limitations, fears, and hidden strengths, to keep them stuck living a boring life that’s far below their potential.

Who We Are and How We Help You Succeed

As a Board Certified Executive Business Coach, I think of myself as a success accelerator for the people I work with. My job is to help people use all that they are to achieve all that they most desire to achieve as fast as possible.  My company, AD Growth Advisers Inc., is in alliance with Amplify Indy to bring the Science of Motivation® and other proven high-performance frameworks to people in Indianapolis who want to grow into their best possible versions of themselves. We will encourage and equip you to go to full-throttle and launch into the life you’ve always imagined. Our clients often choose to own an opportunity or issue that is currently facing us and because of their vision and leadership, work to create a better and brighter future for us here in Indiana.

We feature inspirational local leaders and their success stories on the Hopeful Hoosier Podcast.

Our future depends on each citizen realizing his/her potential and purpose.  We are here to help. Now you can be a member of an encouraging and success oriented network of local citizens.

Amplify Indy citizens unite!

Andy Dix
Leadership Development
Amplify Indy