Episode 1: REshift – Experiencing Single Minded

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Hosted by
Marilyn Lopez

REshift: Experiencing Single Minded, A Christian Singles Community

As we walk in our personal journey trail to fulfill God’s calling in our lives, we find that we may drift off trail. At times we need to make adjustments to keep moving forward. REshift is a podcast that will help you do just that by exploring theme words beginning with the prefix RE –REset, REcalibrate, REwire, REbuild, REclaim, etc. As we live life (again?) as singles, we need each other. Staying connected is a basic human need – it’s how God created us. But it’s a challenge for singles, one that existed long before this pandemic began. This podcast will help you stay connected and provide encouragement and wisdom through personal stories of singles who have struggled through a divorce, never being married, death of a spouse, and other life-changing loss.

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Episode #1 Word: REshift

Connection is what Single Minded is all about – with God and fellow Christian singles. Join our REshift podcast today to hear from Single Minded founder, Julie Osborne on how the group got started and why this ministry is so critical. Learn how Single Minded has helped REshift local Christian singles so they don’t have to walk their journey trail alone.



Episode 1